™ Teams With Guard Street™ To Create Groundbreaking Membership For Travelers

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For Immediate Release:

CHICAGO, IL/PLANTATION, FL (July 30, 2018) – In mid-2017, the Cruise Club and Guard Street teams got together to specially design a new travel service.  After an in-depth analysis of the travel club market, they knew it needed to meet the changing needs of today’s traveler and provide a superior savings and VIP experience compared to other travel clubs.  Plus, with the largest data breaches in history recently announced impacting hundreds of millions of people and with travelers particularly vulnerable, the two companies joined forces to include personal data protection from cyber criminals, fraudsters and hackers.  They knew travelers needed to be safe while shopping, banking, browsing, managing documents and sending email.  The result is the launch of is a paid membership community for cruise enthusiasts and for those who would like to explore cruising for the first time.  It provides exclusive savings on cruise bookings from Alaska, Europe, the Caribbean, Bahamas and more.  It includes double digit savings on shore excursions and immediate savings of up to 50% off a variety of travel and other activities to enhance members’ lifestyles like dining, entertainment and online and in-store shopping.  Unlike many other travel clubs, there are no strings attached to redeem savings and the savings are deeper than available in the marketing place.  There is no requirement to meet with a timeshare rep or be pitched a multilevel marketing scheme and Cruise Club can be used year-round without ever traveling.  It was created to more than pay for itself with a $99 annual fee and members can easily achieve over $500 in value. Members also have 24/7 access to a concierge.

Because security is also essential, Cruise Club uniquely includes travel protection tools from Guard Street. The tools allow members to rest assured that others will not be able to see their precious personal information online.  This security extends to personal data such as credit card numbers, account numbers, passcodes, websites and even important documents that may need to be accessed while traveling (including medical records, passport copies and financial records).

The Guard Street™ service available through is offered world-wide and is translated into multiple languages.  This service even includes Swiss-secure email accounts to address one of the top vehicles hackers use to cause havoc and it includes safe browsing and a data vault.

The Cruise Club – Guard Street™ alliance comes at a pressing time, with a world-wide need for such an extensive protection service and a marketplace need for a reputable, satisfaction guaranteed travel membership.  “We are thrilled to be working with Guard Street™ on this new venture to offer our members a savings, VIP treatment and protection that will work for them at home as well as while they are traveling” said Joe Ewart, Cruise Club’s Managing Director.

According to Vince Mazza, CEO of Guard Street: “Travelers receive access to an amazing membership  that increases in value every month they are a member and can rest assured knowing that they have secure access to their precious data, can send email securely and use the internet at airports, coffee shops and hotels knowing they are protected.  We’re excited to work with a company of the caliber of Cruise Club, who has taken travel membership to a higher level and shares our commitment to providing world-class products and services.”

About Guard Street

Guard Street is based just outside of Chicago, Illinois and offers consumer privacy protection services including Traveler Secure.  The company also offers businesses custom cybersecurity and fraud prevention services.  For additional privacy news, tips for securing personal data and business information, go to,, or call 1-800-517-4550.

About Cruise Club, LLC

Cruise Club is a Florida-based company formed for the purpose of delivering high value discounts and deals on cruises, travel, retail goods and services to a closed membership community. After an in-depth analysis of the existing travel club market, the company identified the need for a legitimate, reward based club program that was not tied to time shares or multi-level marketing. The Cruise Club program may be used year-round and is backed and owned by seasoned travel industry professionals.  The company’s sole focus and income comes from supporting the Cruise Club membership.  For additional information about the program, go to or call 1-866-826-7150.

Guard Street Contact:

Anderson Michael
(844) 436-7282

Cruise Club, LLC Contact:

Joe Ewart
(954) 415-4774